November 22, 2017

Welcome To Finish My Garden

Finish My Garden – Helping You Create Your Dream Garden

At Finish My Garden we realise that your garden is an extension of your home, yet so often it is the area that gets neglected, through no fault of your own. When planning your garden it is important to plan a space that encompasses all your needs.Unless you enjoy gardening or have good DIY skills, the chances are you are unsure where to start.So often we hear people talking about their gardens and they say “I just want it finished”

Three of the most common reasons for unfinished gardens are:-

New Build

It is a really exciting time moving in to your new home you have picked everything from the roof tiles to the floor coverings.
Often the front of the home has some form of landscaping, however the backyard usually has an alfresco area and a blank canvas- otherwise known as dirt.
It soon gets quite stressful as the kids and the dog keep trampling in and out, you need something doing and quick.

Good Intentions – Lack of time

One Sunday afternoon you start to pull bushes and trees out and knock down the old brick barbecue. Several over committed weekends later you realise that all you have achieved is a big pile of rubbish in the centre of the garden.
Finish my garden specialise in helping you to complete your garden for you to enjoy and creating garden maintenance schedules to ensure it remains at its best after completion. We will listen to your ideas and budget and combine this with our expertise to come up with a plan to finish your garden.   If budget is an issue we will prioritise work to ensure you can get the best from the garden as soon as possible whilst keeping your long term plans in mind.

Lost its kerb appeal

As you pull on to your driveway or go out to the back yard you get a sinking feeling as you realise that your garden has finally got the better of you. You now just want a low maintenance space that you can enjoy and be proud of or the garden that is getting the better of you returning to its former glory. We can also offer a regular maintenance plan to ensure it stays that way.

We will listen to your needs and create a garden that is easier for you to manage or provide cost efficient ideas to present your house for sale.


Listening to our Clients needs and budgets.

Advising customers promptly of delays in arrival and start times

Tidy and safe work ethic

Treating our clients property with respect

Ensuring all work is completed to the highest standard

In summary our desire is to achieve repeat business or referrals via happy clients.